So you've landed on the golden page (per se anyway) and you're about to ask the million dollar question, "How much is it going to cost me to get rid of this junk?"

Well, todays your lucky day!  We will tell you! (Unlike some of those other guys!)  We do our pricing similar to other junk removal companies.  We price each job based off how much room your items take up in the truck.  Our truck has a 15 cubic yard dump bed on it, so we can pick up large items with no issue.  If you were to go and rent our size dumpster from a roll off dumpster company they will charge you anywhere from $250 - $580.  These prices will vary depending on their costs and general location.  The key point to remember is that with our service you do absolutely no work (Phew! That was close!).  The most you will do, is point to what you want gone and away it goes.  With a roll off dumpster you be doing all the heavy lifting and could still pay more for the dumpster.  You don't really want that, now do you? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer free pick up on any items or scrap metal.  We're constantly asked if we will pick up a broken washer, dryer, stove, hot water tank or other random metal items because it can be scrapped for cash.  In short,  Yes we will pick it up but Not for Free.  Chances are you've seen one of these guys driving around looking for this type of stuff in their pickup with the bed loaded up to the hilt.  There seems to be a big misconception about scrapping metal for lots of money.  The cost in gas, labor, and insurance to get to your house, load it up, and drive to the scrap yard ends up costing much more than what the scrap items are worth. 

And things like refrigerators and AC units require more steps (think man hours and expensive equipment... in addition to Truck, Insurance, Fuel, and Labor Costs) in order to responsibly recycle them in a manner that will be earth friendly.  So,  to cover those basics costs... doing this it would have to be huge masses and quantity of scrap metal to break even or make this worthwhile.  This is not the business we are in and why we don't pick up appliances for free.  We also do not pick up TV's or computer monitors for free... regardless if they work or not.  We responsibly recycle them by transporting to an E-waste Recycle facility and they charge us $.35 cents a pound to take. That old school TV cost us on average anywhere from $25 - $50 to get rid of for you. Now that we have explained some of the reasons why are prices are what they are, here is the list of prices by common items or by the truckload.

As you can see, the small list of items above is only the most common items we encounter.  There are many more items that we can take and more than likely will be no issue. With that being said, it is very difficult to give you a price over the phone on what it will cost to remove your items.  We realize sending pictures can also help with quoting, but it wont give us the whole scenario of our catered process for you.

That is the reason we offer a free, no obligation quote in person so you know exactly what the price will be.  The price we give you on site, is the final price, with no hidden fees or surcharges (we add sales tax because we have to).  We would be happy to answer any question you have about our service or the pricing.  So give us a call or click that orange " Stress Free Removal" button at the top and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Pricing by Truckload
Specialty Item Pricing and Additional Fees
Standard Single Item Pickup Price is $89 (Includes all labor and disposal fees)
*** This excludes TV's, mattresses/box springs, and sectional couches***
Mattresses and Box Springs are all subject to an additional fee of $12 per piece.  
*** This is so we don't have to pass on the additional $105 per piece disposal fee that we get charged, onto you! ***
1/8 Truckload - $129  (Includes all labor and disposal fees) 
1/4 Truckload - $189  (Includes all labor and disposal fees) All TV's  (excluding glass tube TV's) are all subject to an additional fee of $15 - $30 per unit for breakdown and proper disposal
***Price varies by type and size***
1/3 Truckload - $239  (Includes all labor  and disposal fees) 
1/2 Truckload - $329  (Includes all labor and disposal fees) Liquid Paint disposal is $6 per container (excludes 5 gallon and larger containers)
*** Paint must be completely dried out before we can properly dispose of it.  We take the time to do this!***
2/3 Truckload - $439  (Includes all labor and disposal fees) Bagster pickup is $139 and up and some restrictions apply
3/4 Truckload - $499  (Includes all labor and disposal fees) 
1 Full Truckload - $599  (Includes all labor and disposal fees) Piano removal starts at $299 and up depending on size/weight, type, and location.

*** The prices listed above, do not include taxes or additional charges for specific items like paint, mattresses/box springs, and TV's***
Hot tub demo, removal, and disposal starts at $399 and up depending on size. location, and contents inside (if any)

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